Palo Santo Selenite


Palo Santo and Selenite Cleansing Vibes

Palo Santo and Crystals work together to raise the vibration and good energy in your space.

Known for:

  • ability to cleanse and charge other crystals
  • amplifying manifestation – a great addition to a Moon ritual
  • clearing the Aura
  • being high vibration
  • easily clearing stagnant energy

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Materials: Altar Apothecary uses only ethically sourced Palo Santo from Peru and is a supporter of  ‘The Ecuadorian Hands Reforestation Program’. Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal. Floral and Stone Palo Santo Bundles will have the florals intuitively chosen by us as colours and variations of floral change throughout the seasons.

Use: Take on stick of Palo Santo and hold in a flame for about 20 seconds, then blow it out. Waft the smoke around your space or place the stick on heat proof dish to smoulder. Re-light as needed. (Tip: Keep a lit candle nearby for easy re-lighting)
*Caution- Do not leave lit product unattended*

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