who we are

Neat on Bowen

We are a refill & sustainable goods shop tucked away on a tiny island about 20 minutes outside of Vancouver, BC. We offer a wide range of personal care & home cleaning supplies that can be refilled. We focus on sustainable and package free products with an emphasis on Canadian and women owned businesses. You can shop anything from compostable dish brushes to funky local art & jewellery to greeting cards that can be planted and bloom wild flowers. New to the refill game? Feel free to ask us anything! We all start somewhere and each staff member has a personal fav product they are happy to chat about. Got a product suggestion? We love that too! Please share away.

We are constantly exploring and learning about new products & brands. 3 years in and we currently carry over 800 products we are proud to share with you!

our founder

Casey Kennedy

When Casey, our founder, moved to Bowen Island she saw the community need for a less wasteful life on the island. The idea of a refill & sustainable goods shop formed itself pretty quick and in November 2019 we opened our doors. While it started small with some sustainable products and a few refill options, the store soon grew into a space for the community to learn and explore more about sustainable living.

We have a large variety of people coming into the store, with a varying range of experience when it comes to living sustainably. But at the shop we come together because of our shared interest to make a positive impact on this earth and leave behind minimally other than our good vibes!

Staff Favourites

Well Kept Razor


Turkish Towels

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