Palo Santo Rose Quartz


Palo Santo and Rose Quartz Love Vibes

Palo Santo and Crystals work together to raise the vibration and good energy in your space.

It is believed to:

  • encourage unconditional love
  • purify and open the heart
  • be calming and reassuring in times of grief
  • dispel negative energy and welcome in loving vibes

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Materials: Altar Apothecary uses only ethically sourced Palo Santo from Peru and is a supporter of  ‘The Ecuadorian Hands Reforestation Program’. Rose Quartz is the classic stone of love. Floral and Stone Palo Santo Bundles will have the florals intuitively chosen by us as colours and variations of floral change throughout the seasons.

Use: Take on stick of Palo Santo and hold in a flame for about 20 seconds, then blow it out. Waft the smoke around your space or place the stick on heat proof dish to smoulder. Re-light as needed. (Tip: Keep a lit candle nearby for easy re-lighting)
*Caution- Do not leave lit product unattended*

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