Night Night Blend


Created for those who have trouble sleeping, Night, Night is beneficial for the person who has a hard time falling asleep, or who wakes up after only a few hours and is not able to fall back to sleep.
It is especially useful for the person who is awakened by vivid or even disturbing dreams. Night, Night has been specifically designed to aid a person in getting a deeper, more restful sleep.

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Chamomile “ reduces the hyperactivity and anxiety that prevents a person from getting into a high-quality deep sleep; releases emotional tension stored in the stomach and solar plexus

Dill “ helps a person have a restful sleep when they would normally experience sensory and nervous overload; helps integrate one™s daily experiences

Mugwort “ reduces sleep interruption due to over active-dreaming

Saint John™s Wort “ reduces dream disturbances associated with fear or psychic stress

Trembling Poplar “ aids in allowing a calm sleep, reducing anxiety and bad dreams

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